Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World

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Why do some disciple-makers reproduce while others fail? Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World takes an in-depth look into this question and gives answers based on solid research and biblical foundations. The solutions presented are inspiring and highly practical. Best of all, the keys to fruitfulness shared are universal principles that work in the “real world.” These principles will help you multiply generations of disciples, wherever you find yourself!

• Don’t just make disciples. Learn to reproduce disciple-makers!
• Gain an overview of the discipling process and how to move new believers to maturity and reproduction.
• Grasp the keys to successful evangelism and multiplication in the context of a disciple-making team.


I am grateful to God for His grace in Bob McNabb. I have had the pure joy of watching the way he lives out what he has written here, both in Birmingham, Alabama, and around the world. Seeing Bob’s life and reading this book, I am overjoyed when I think about what might happen if men and women not only read this book, but put it into practice. What if followers of Christ in local churches were actually making disciples of Jesus who were making disciples of Jesus, all with the ultimate intent of reaching people and peoples who still haven’t heard of Jesus? Oh, I pray that God in His grace might see fit to bless this book in your life and in the lives of countless others toward that end.

David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

It is a pleasure to commend this volume. Bob McNabb has been seeking to measure his life by the Great Commission for over thirty years. More to the point, he has a passion to help other followers of Christ multiply laborers for the harvest. This has led to a careful study of the Scriptures and extensive research asking the question of why some workers reproduce and others fail.

His findings presented here come from real world situations, and have been field tested. While the author offers many fresh insights into different aspects of the discipling process, one central theme emerges—discipling happens more naturally when doing it with others; it is a team sport. I appreciated, too, the observation that evangelism and discipleship flow together, and a person does not have to attain the far reaches of sanctification before getting started.

Inspiring stories, practical worksheets, and accompanying guidebooks are provided to assist readers on their own journey of spiritual reproduction. It is my hope that believers everywhere will band together in the Name of Christ to apply the timeless principles taught in these pages, hastening the day when the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

This is the day we long for. Speeding its coming through spiritual multiplication is our privilege.

Robert Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave His church a great commission to make disciples who will mature and reproduce their kind. In this truly important book Bob McNabb provides committed Christians with practical lessons on how we can more effectively fulfill our calling. To be sure there are many practical books on disciple-making, but this volume is unique. McNabb employs Scripture, original research and many years of personal experience to produce work that I think will emerge as companion volume to Robert E. Coleman’s classic The Master Plan of Evangelism. Indeed, I intend to make it required reading for all of my students.

Lyle W. Dorsett, Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

Bob McNabb has done an excellent job at laying out the keys to spiritual multiplication. His research on which practices are effective and which are not is eye-opening and very helpful. Every pastor and Christian leader needs to study this book and implement the applicable features. What a difference this can make in an organization’s or an individual’s spiritual impact.

Dr. Frank Barker, Pastor Emeritus, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Bob McNabb has given disciples of Jesus a clear, practical guide toward being faithful to the Great Commission and making more disciples of Jesus. Full of insightful research, clear thinking, and years of experience, pastors looking to establish a discipleship culture in their churches would especially benefit from McNabb’s work.

Matt Carter, Pastor of Preaching & Vision at The Austin Stone Community Church and co-author of The Real Win

Experts in the field of persuasion are now teaching that successful models are the most effective resources for influencing others. Thanks, Bob, for facing up to the fact that some models are not successful and providing us with well-documented and researched successful models for every aspect of spiritual multiplication. You have given us a handbook, an encyclopedia, which will increase the momentum of spiritual multiplication, not only in our generation, but generations to come.

Jim Downing, Former Deputy President and Chairman of the Board, The Navigators

Bob McNabb writes about discipleship from decades of international experience. The lessons in the book have been forged in the real world and have indelibly shaped my own life and ministry. ‘The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.’ Bob has pointed us back to Jesus’ model of multiplying laborers for the harvest. If you are serious about making and multiplying disciples in the real world, Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World is a must read.

Tom Mullis, Director of Strategy & Leadership Development, United World Mission

We’ve all heard the grandiose theories of how discipling one person who disciples someone else will eventually fill the entire world with new disciples. But reality tells us something entirely different, and we wonder why this isn’t happening. Bob McNabb exposes some of the discipleship multiplication myths while providing statistically backed research on what effectively make disciples who make disciples. I was encouraged, for example, by McNabb’s discovery that evangelism training doesn’t correlate with evangelistic effectiveness. Rather, joining a team that is practicing evangelism makes all the difference. He also found that group discipleship is more effective than the one-on-one type, and of course, Jesus used the group method to prepare his own disciples. McNabb provides many more principles, so you’ll need to read the book to benefit from Bob McNabb’s excellent research.

Joel Comiskey, Ph.D., President of Joel Comiskey Group

Recovering the church’s responsibility for the Great Commission is at the very heart of all that Bob does and has written here. Not only is it the Church’s responsibility as a whole, it is my responsibility and your responsibility as followers of Jesus. However, the gap often lies between what I know I should do, and actually making it a part of my life. How do we bring people from unbelief to maturity and even leadership for the Kingdom? Bob has helped many to answer that question, and he can help you. For those that want to follow Jesus’ command to make disciples, you will find his book both captivating and practical. May it be used in your life to inspire and enable you to live and lead like Jesus.

Bryan Brown, Director of Leader Development, Perimeter Church/Campus Outreach

Bob McNabb has given us an outstanding study of what the Bible has to say about spiritual multiplication. His reflections are firmly rooted in the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and demonstrate that every follower of Christ should be devoted to making more and more disciples of Jesus. But more than this, Bob has given us practical advice that stems from many years of serving the cause of Christ. This is the work of a man who is so devoted to spreading the Gospel so that more and more people may worship and serve the one true God. I highly recommend it to every pastor and lay person.

Richard Pratt, Ph.D., President, Third Millennium Ministries

McNabb has mastered the art of making disciples. In this book, he passes along what he has learned as a caring, humble, and gifted coach. Every chapter is filled with wisdom. So I say, begin. Join with others who have a go-for-it attitude. There will be failures. Don’t give up. You can make disciples. You can make disciple-makers. You and your friends can change the world.

Bob Blincoe, Ph.D., US Director, Frontiers

Bob McNabb is a practitioner in the area of life-on-life ministry. His “practices” grow from his study of scripture; in particular the life and ministry of Jesus. His experience and research contained in this book will help you practice the lifestyle God invites every Christian to be a participant in for the multiplying of disciple-makers of Christ.

Mike Hearon, Global Leadership Team, Campus Outreach

Bob McNabb has created a very practical, and easy to understand guide to discipleship. His depth of understanding comes from personal experience, and the stories he shares from his own ministry are very motivating and encouraging. They show how any believer can be engaged in spiritual multiplication.

Enoch Yuttasak Sirikul, Chairman, Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ, Chairman, Executive Committee of Evangelism and Church Growth in Thailand



FOREWORD by Robert Coleman

FOREWORD by David Platt



Chapter 1: Stars and Sand

Chapter 2: Maybe Someone Else

Chapter 3: Trouble in Multiplication Paradise



Chapter 4: Soil

Chapter 5: Essential Elements



Chapter 6: Gone Fishing [Evangelizing]

Chapter 7: Parenthood [Establishing]

Chapter 8: Learning to Fly [Equipping]

Chapter 9: The Lost Aspect of Disciple-Making [Exporting]

Chapter 10: You Can! [Empowering]

Chapter 11: From Vision to Reality